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Participate in Our Lucid Dream Induction/Nightmare Resolution Study

“Testing an Integrated Lucid Dream Induction Protocol for the Possible Treatment of Nightmares and Other PTSD-Related Symptoms: Combining the Ingestion of the Supplement Galantamine with the Practice of Meditation and Dream Reliving”

A research team comprised of myself (Principal Investigator), Dr. Ralph Carlson (Co-PI, Univ of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Ryan Hurd (JFK Univ), Remington Mallett (Univ. Texas Austin), Dr. Josie Malinowski (Univ. of East London), and Dr. Mark Thurston (George Mason University) is conducting a home-based research study that will test an enhanced lucid dream induction protocol––consisting of pre-sleep meditation, dream reliving, and the ingestion of the supplement galantamine––for the induction of lucid dreaming and the resolution of nightmares. This project builds upon a study recently published in Consciousness and Cognition, 63 (2018), 74-88 by members of our team, which was the first peer-reviewed research to demonstrate the effectiveness of galantamine for lucid dream induction. The findings of that study also offered intriguing support for the specific use of the integrated protocol for nightmare resolution.

There will be two groups of participants. If you suffer from frequent nightmares, you are welcome to join Group 1. If you do not experience frequent nightmares, you can become part of Group 2. Either way, you will experience the same induction protocols over the course of eight nights of dream recording.

Because the study involves ingesting galantamine––and galantamine can, on rare occasions, produce side effects––the Informed Consent Form includes a statement attesting to the fact that you have used galantamine previously without incurring any deleterious side effects. If you have not used galantamine previously, you can still participate, but you will have to submit a letter from a physician approving you for the study.

You can join the study by completing the
Lucid Dream Induction/Nightmare Resolution Study Informed Consent Survey. After we receive your Survey, we will contact you, and then send you a research packet with instruction shortly thereafter. The study has been approved by the IRB of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (IRB-19-178), and has received funding from the International Association for the Study of Dreams in conjunction with DreamScience Foundation.

Email me if you have any questions:

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