Dream Analysis Mentoring and Certification

Online Resources

http://www.asdreams.org -- the website of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, for which I am President (2012-2013) and a Board member. Its membership is comprised of a diverse array of lay dream workers, dream-inspired artists, academic researchers, and mental health professionals.

http://www.iasdreamcourses.org — The Moodle-based platform that I developed for the IASD Online Course Center.

http://www.atlanticuniv.org -- Atlantic University, offering an accredited MA in transpersonal studies, as well as several certificates including one in spiritual mentoring. I am a charter faculty member of AU, and continue to teach in the spiritual mentoring certificate program.

http://www.dreamstudies.org -- Ryan Hurd's increasingly valuable blog of contemporary dream theory and phenomena. Featuring developments in the field of lucid dream research, Ryan's work is on the cutting edge.

http://www.bogzaran.com -- the website of Fariba Bogzaran, who founded the Dream Studies Program at JFK University. An accomplished artist, Fariba is also one of the top experts in the field of lucid dreaming and spirituality, and has made an extensive study of dream yoga and related shamanistic practices.

http://www.transformationandcourage.org --The Personal Transformation and Courage Institute (PTCI), which offers transformational seminars on the east and west coasts. Mary Elizabeth Lynch and Mark Thurston form a dynamic team, and offer their own individually led seminars, as well. Mark and Scott Sparrow have lead several seminars for men under the auspices of PTCI.

http://www.intuitive-connections.net/ -- Henry Reed's online magazine in support of an intuitive learning community. Henry has been a pioneer in dream incubation and dream research since the 60s, and has been referred to as the father of the modern dreamwork movement. He is an old friend and fellow Atlantic University professor. We used to take walks and talk about our dreams under the tall pines of Virginia Beach.