DreamStar Certified Dreamwork Practitioners

I've been an active dream worker for the past 30 years, working primarily on my own dreams.  I've studied and practiced many techniques, but never before had I known anyone to focus on the co-creative nature of dreams.  A lucid dreamer myself, I was immediately intrigued to learn the FiveStar method.  Now having completed the certification course, I am so grateful to have these new skills.  The methods that Scott teaches are highly effective in gaining greater clarity about each dream.   My personal dream work has been greatly enhanced and I now feel ready to assist others in discovering what their dreams have to show them, too.

Leah Ann Bolen


The FiveStar method of dream investigation developed by Dr. Sparrow appealed to me after recognizing that modern neuroscience and psychology still lean too heavily on the Freudian theory of dreaming. Dozens of New Age or New Thought approaches seem a bit simplistic and incomplete from my estimation.

The FiveStar method is a holistic approach emphasizing the co-creative nature of dreaming while recognizing the potential for the dreamer's active, sometimes lucid, participation in the dream.
This empowers the dreamer with the ability to influence dream content, and which subsequently imbues the experience with the potential for a powerful ameliorative and healing effect for the dreamer. I have found FiveStar as holistic, compassionate, and inclusive.

John Wigan, M.A. and Kim Phetteplace

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Several New Certified Dreamwork Practitioners are Nearing the completion of their training!