Questions Regarding the Galantamine Study. This page is not on the site navigational menu, you need to bookmark the url to access it. I will update it whenever I receive questions that could be relevant to the rest of the participants.


As I was reading, I had a few questions to help prepare myself before this arrives in the mail.

I think I am most concerned about setting an alarm for 4 hours after I go to sleep, since I have a spouse. Trying to think of a way to do this that is not disruptive. (I don't have a fancy iPhone, just an old flip phone.)  And, since I am usually not in bed until midnight, I might be getting anywhere from 6 to 9 hours of sleep, depending if I am called into work the next morning. Basically that means that the time I can sleep AFTER the 4 hours could be only two or as many as five! (This is assuming that either the galantamine or the anxiety I might get EXPECTING strange things to happen during the test don't start giving me insomnia.) So my question is: is it more important for me to sleep those 4 hours first, or a certain number of hours AFTER waking up and opening the envelope, etc., during which the actual results of the test will take place? Meaning, would it be okay to set the alarm for 3 hours instead?

Also, how much detail are you looking for in dream recall? Last night, for example, "there was nothing lucid but a dream where a SLOTH took off flying, followed by the landing of an eagle the size of a man, and it looked at me from the street as I hid behind a bush in my parent's yard, where I had just previously noticed how DEEP GREEN and LUSH the lawn was, and ran my hand along a bed of dirt where I had planted some bulbs and could feel just a few had begun to sprout........"  - what I mean is, are you just interested in the fact that we have a lot of detail to report, or are you looking for specific details to be dreamt? I assume the results are confidential, for what are we to do should the details turn.... rating higher than PG-13?

Finally, I didn't know it would involve recalling past nightmares!  I was hoping NOT to dwell on those, and aim to fall asleep as quickly as I could. In my case, I haven't had a nightmare in decades, and 100% of my childhood nightmares always segued into a episode of even worse sleep paralysis. It would be hard to think of one but not the other.


I see the problem. Just modify the schedule according to your needs, ok? We’re just trying to position the awakening period after most of your non-REM sleep, so that the intervention will affect your REM state, most of all. But your plan is fine.

As for having to recall a nightmare, that’s not necessary. Just use a dream that could have been better, such as the one you shared. I mean, you were afraid, and you could have welcomed the eagle without fear. That’s the kind of dream that would be perfect to use in the Dream Reliving exercise.


Today I received my research packet. I have two small questions.

Will it pollute your research results if I record my dreams after I have them instead of in the morning?  I have developed a routine where I often wake up after a dream and most of the time I then pop out of bed, walk 20 feet to my laptop, and type in the dream. Sometimes this happens more than once per night, sometimes not at all. My preference is to stick with this routine then copy and paste from there to your online questionnaire in the morning. OK?

Also, would it pollute your data if I practice the meditation and dream reliving on the nights between the initial baseline night and the first experimental night or between the experimental nights?


No problem regarding the first question. Sure, please record them during the night if that’s your practice.
As for the second question, it would be better not to engage in meditation and dream reliving, unless it's what you usually do.