How to Obtain A Record of Your Grades, Activities, and Certificates received

I have provided several ways to document your successful completion of our courses:

  • Once you have taken the quiz and exit survey for a given course module, you will gain access to a Certificate of Completion, which will include the course title, contact hours, date of completion, and issuing organization.
  • The certificates will be saved here, and available in case  you need to download another copy. Simply login to the course in question and click on the Certificate link, and your certificate will become available for download again.
  • You can also access your grades and activity reports from a given course by first logging into the course that you are taking, or have taken, and then clicking on "My Courses" in the Navigation block.
  • Then you will see the courses that you are taking and/or have taken.
  • Enter any of the courses by clicking on its name.
  • Then you will see links to your grades under Administration in the left sidebar, as shown in the image to the right. 
  • Then if you open "My Profile Settings," you will see "Activity Reports," which contains various ways to summarize your participation thus far. 
  • The combination of 1) your Certificate of Completion with 2) your grade report and 3) your activity report logs should more than satisfy any audit by your licensing board. You can return here and print out these reports at any time.
  • Remember: You will not see the information shown on the right without  entering a course that you've enrolled in first.
Last modified: Sunday, 24 November 2019, 5:55 PM