About Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Up until February of 2020, the certificates of completion will show Texas LPC CEs, since Dr. Sparrow has been an approved CE provider. However, the state has recently terminated the CE provider program. This reflects a trend in Texas (and many other states) to defer to the student to justify CEs themselves, by providing documentation that demonstrates the number of contact hours involved in a program, and its suitability for professional development. So we are changing the verbiage in our course descriptions and certificates of completion to reflect estimated contact hours involved, rather than CEs awarded. You may be able to claim CEs for the courses provided here, but it's up to you to check your Board requirements, and to document your involvement accordingly. If, by chance, the documentation that we have provided is not sufficient, please let us know so we can upgrade our documentation procedures before you complete our courses.

Last modified: Saturday, 19 December 2020, 1:00 AM