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Please note that the DreamStar Certification Course does not represent a review of various historic theories and methods. It focuses on the origins and development of co-creative dream theory and dreamwork from the standpoint of Dr. Sparrow's own experience as a lucid dream researcher, psychotherapist, and clinical dream worker. The course assumes that you already have a general knowledge of psychological theory and traditional dreamwork methods. If you do not, then this course is probably too narrowly focused, and not for you.

Also, new materials have been added and module quizzes have been revised. If you are currently enrolled, but have not been active lately, please contact us for directions about how to proceed. We are committed to assisting you in finishing the course.

DreamStar Certification Course...leading to certification as a DreamStar Certified Dreamwork Practitioner

A self-paced course consisting of 7 modules, and 28 contact hours. Cost: $199, which includes feedback from a trainer for all required Online Forum postings. The seven modules are as follows:

MODULE 1: Lucid Dreaming as a Foundation for a New Approach to Dream Analysis (4 contact hours)
MODULE 2: Understanding Dreams as an Interactive Process (4 contact hours)
MODULE 3: An Introduction to the FiveStar Method (4 contact hours)
MODULE 4: Working Ethically and Non-Invasively with Dream Imagery (4 contact hours)
MODULE 5: An In-Depth Exploration of the FiveStar Method (4 contact hours)
MODULE 6: Methods for Enhancing Awareness and Constructive Engagement in Dreams (4 contact hours)
MODULE 7: Fostering Spiritual Communion and Deep Healing in Dreams (4 contact hours)

Total: 28 contact hours

At the completion of the Certification Course, you must  sign up for the Mentored Practicum if you wish to pursue DreamStar Certification.  Upon successful completion of the Certification Course and Mentored Practicum, as long as the completion criteria have been satisfied, you will receive a certificate confirming your DreamStar Certification

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Mentored Practicum for Certification...a mentored practicum in co-creative dreamwork with Dr. Sparrow.

You should enroll in this course only after you have completed the  Certification Course. The practicum is required, in addition to the Certification Course, for DreamStar Certification.

The Mentored Practicum is designed to assure that you are capable of implementing the FiveStar Method into your dreamwork practice, whether you are a lay dreamworker or a professional therapist. 

The Practicum includes:

  • Three one-hour mentoring/feedback sessions with Dr. Sparrow.
  • Two video dreamwork samples that are at least 30 minutes in length, and a written self-analysis of each session. Dr. Sparrow will evaluate your video work samples with the rubric shown below.
  • We may also work with your dreams, and review your readiness to incorporate co-creative dream analysis into your practice context. 
  • Additional mentoring is available following the certification course practicum.
  • The practicum involves 9 contact hours.
  • Cost: $299