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Welcome to the DreamStar Institute course management area. Here you can obtain training and certification in the Five-Star Method––a systematic dream work method based on co-creative dream theory, which has been developed by lucid dream pioneer and psychotherapist, G. Scott Sparrow. 

While the FiveStar Method is easy to learn, it represents an advanced approach, and ideally requires a background in dream theory and analysis. Consequently, I am currently preparing a Pre-Certification Review Module that all of my students have to complete before embarking on the Certification Process. It will be based on the new book Working with Dreams and PTSD Nightmares (which includes a chapter by me on the FiveStar Method), and my paper, "A New Approach to Dream Analysis Congruent with Contemporary Counseling Approaches." In the meantime, please purchase a copy of Working with Dreams and PTSD Nightmaresand read it if you want to pursue certification. It will provide a broad historical context into which my approach will make more sense to you.

If you are only interested in taking a course without pursuing certification, then you won't be expected to complete the Pre-Certification Review Module.

Course Offerings

If you are interested in becoming certified by DreamStar Institute, DreamStar Certification requires the satisfactory completion of the following:

  • Full DreamStar Certification Course, consisting of 7 modules of self-paced online study. Each module has its own certificate of completion and CEs (authorized by the Texas Board of Professional Counselors), so you will earn CEs as you go through the course. I provide feedback for your responses to the interactive questions posted on the Course Forum. Cost: $199 and 24 CEs. 
  • Certification Course without certification option,  consisting of the same course, but without the provision for obtaining feedback from me on the Course Forum, or receiving certification without upgrading to the full Certification Course. You may choose to upgrade to the full Certification Course at any time, and pursue DreamStar Certification. Cost $69 and 24 CEs.
  • Mentored Practicum (Prerequisite: Full DreamStar Certification Course). During the practicum, you will schedule three Skype sessions with me, submit samples of actual dream work that I will  review with you during our Skype sessions, and participate in personal dream work as a way to develop a hands-on competency with this methodology. The practicum will involve written and verbal feedback from me. Cost: $299 and 9 CEs (Note: Participation in eight sessions of an online dream group will count as a substitute for your mentored practicum.)

Upon completion of the Certification Course and Mentored Practicum, you will receive a certificate confirming your DreamStar Certification.

Additional Mentoring available:

  • Quantum Dreamwork Practice. This is a one-to-one mentoring experience designed to enhance your capacity to have lucid dreams/out-of-body experiences. This mentoring process is based on the topic of a book that I am currently working on, and which will serve as a manual for the course once published. Prerequisite: Screening Interview via Zoom. 

Enrollment Procedures

If you are ready to enroll in a course, you need to open an account first. An email will be sent to you to verify your account. Then you can return here, click on the course link in the Navigational menu at the top of the page, and then you will be taken to Paypal for payment. 

If you have any questions in the mean time, please email me at gscotspar@gmail.com.


DreamStar abides by the ethics of the International Association for the Study of Dreams pertaining to dream sharing and dream analysis. Please see the statement below. 

Available courses

A self-paced course consisting of 7 modules. The course includes feedback from me to your required forum postings. Upon completion of each module, you will receive a separate certificate of completion that specifies the number of CEs awarded for that particular module. The course awards 24 CEs. 

Cost: $199 for the certification track, which includes feedback from me for all required Online Forum postings.

Cost: $69 for the non-certification track, which requires postings on the Online Forum, but does not include feedback from me.

At the completion of the Certification Course, you must  sign up for the Mentored Practicum if you want to pursue DreamStar Certification. The Mentored Practicum awards 9 additional CEs. Upon successful completion of the Certification Course and Mentored Practicum, you will receive a certificate confirming your DreamStar Certification. Participation in eight online dream group meetings can serve as a substitute for the Mentored Practicum

A supervised practicum including three hour-long Skype sessions. The practicum is required, in addition to the Certification Course, for DreamStar Certification.

Prior to each session, you will submit an audio or video recording of dream work with consenting clients. I will provide written and verbal feedback for each work sample. The practicum awards 9 CEs.

We will also work with your dreams, and discuss your readiness to incorporate co-creative dream analysis into your practice context. Cost: $299

Participating in eight weeks of an online group can serve as a substitute for the supervised practicum.

Additional mentoring is available following the certification course practicum.